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East Riding Astronomers : Where We Observe

Let us guide you round East Yorkshire skies


Welcome to ERA

This is where we observe:

East Riding Astronomers recognise the value of good dark skies for observing. We also need to find a good site that is within a reasonable distance of members' homes. Based on the geographic spread of our members we chose to observe at the top of Arras Hill above Sancton village. This is based in a layby on a single track road which attracts little traffic.

The site meets our criteria in that it is one of the highest points around and affords some escape from major light pollution. The drawback is that it is a very exposed site and 'would be' observers often arrive ill prepared for the temperatures at the top of this hill. If you are not warm then your observing pleasure will be greatly diminished. We have observed from this site since the late 1980s. We have seen many wondrous things and have taken film / slide photographs from here. Perhaps with the advent of digital photography there is less pressure on the necessity for such a site. In theory we meet here every Friday night during the season, weather permitting.

If you would like to join us then please email our Observing Manager, Peter Clark who will provide appropriate guidance, as to when and where, on our observing sessions. Remember these are in addition to any observing carried out at Woodmnsey

Arras Hill,

Between Sancton and A1079


OS reference SE920400

Click here for a map.

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