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East Yorkshire Genealogical Services : Should I Join?

We are here to guide you back


Should I Join?

What will it cost?

EYGS launched its subscription scheme in April 2004. Quite simply you can join EYGS for £10 if you reside in the UK. Your subscription will run for 12 months from the date it is registered. We are sorry but we have to make a surcharge of £5 to cover subscriptions outside of the UK, in order to cover postal charges.

Why does postage matter?

Because we send you a magazine four times a year. Our magazine, entitled 'The Phoenix', we hope is different from other magazines. Apart from pure family history stories we anticipate articles that can offer help to all those involved in family history, from the new starter to the experienced researcher.

Is that it then?

No, that isn't all there is to it. We are supplying a search and find service to all, which we believe, rivals anything else on offer.

Tell me more about the Search service

We mainly cover the eastern part of Yorkshire but will tackle most UK problems. We have access to the County Records, based in Beverley, as well as the Kingston upon Hull City records. We have a number of researchers who are prepared to work on your behalf. We do NOT charge a research fee, however, to cover travel costs etc. we would expect a donation. If however, we are not successful then we expect what we deliver - nothing!

Not finshed yet!

EYGS will store your interests and pedigrees in the hope that you can find a partner in family history who is researching the same lines. With your permission, we will publish the brick walls, revealed by your pedigrees, on our web site. In this way you have a potential audience of many millions across the planet.

Still not sure?

If we have not yet got your attention then try us. Send us your query and donation. If we cannot get an answer then we will credit your donation to your first year's subscription.

Go on. Do it now. JOIN.

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